A visit to Basel Zoo

On Monday we visited Basel Zoo to see the 6 adorable meerkat pups, which are now 2 months old.

It is a really big mob with about 10 adult, 3 juveniles and the 6 pups. They share their enclosure with 3 huge porcupines, but the alliance is an uneasy one. The procupines avoid larger meerkat groups and the meerkats will snarl at the procupines, whenever they come close.

The enclosure is rather spacious, too and they have many high lookout places, rotting logs to explore etc.

After some time we realized that one of the pups was injured and limping on three legs. We tried to contact the zoo and after some attempts someone answered the phone. They told us that they had already noticed the injured pup and it was taken care of. We hope that it will be well soon and thrive like his siblings.

From the visit we brought you these 3 videos, where you can watch the large group at play and one of the pups cuddling with his mother close up.

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