No news is good news

A belated happy new year to you meerkat fans out there.

I am really sorry for not being able to post regularly, but my current life leaves very little space for this blog.

All of you will certainly be pleased to read that our dear, ancient Möfzi is still alive!

Me and a friend visited a couple of days ago and I also paid some visits during the last year. There is not much going on in the mob, still no new couple and I guess, nothing along that line is likely to happen unless new meerkats are introduced into the group.

Möfzi is now toothless. She is suffering from an ekzema on her back, which is treated with vitamin shots and she also receives additional vitamins with her daily food.

Möfzi with 13+ years
If it was not for her broken front paw, she would still be able to walk normally. Now she is rather pushing herself along and stopping every couple of steps, but she still manages to get into and out of the inside enclosure. Her mice will be cut for her, or she gets cat food instead.

Möfzi taking a peek outside
When we arrived, she was inside the heated outdoor den looking out. She reminds me of those German housewives spending their days at the window sill, ellbows on a cushion, looking at the world. Minus pin curlers and apron dress ;-)

Despite all those physical troubles, she looks pretty much content and is unmolested by any other members of the group.

We talked to her keeper, who said that she should get monument, when she dies.
It is apparent that he loves this old, though lady, too.
Who would have thought that she makes another winter?