R. I. P. Swingkat

Swingkat did not re-appear. I hope that he simply died from heartstroke and is now somewhere in the depths of the mob`s burrow.

He was a very funny and affeactionate kat and cared very well for the babies last year in summer. You can watch him here with the pups:

We always loved his playful antics.

He was the first to discover that it is warmer, when he is close to the heat lamp.

He started latching onto the heat lamps and climbing into the lamps of the inside elcosure, as soon as he was able to reach the lamps. That`s why we called him Swingkat or Schaukelmännchen in German.

He was also always very close and affectionate with Möfzi, grooming her and cuddling her, even when all the others did not. He was the cutest meerkat in the mob, until the babies arrived last summer.

R. I. P. Swingkat, we hope you are well, wherever you may be.

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Anonymous said...

it´s a shame :(