Summertime and the livin' is easy

Today I spent some hours watching the kats.

There is nothing really new to report, no new dominant couple yet and I am afraid that there will be none, as long as no new adult male or males will be introduced.

What becomes clear is that Sayuri is more a loner than Snoutie and Caruso, who can often be seen playing together or grooming each other. Sayuri is often with Möfzi or on her own. And she likes doing her own things in her own way.

All three of them did not grow as tall and huge as Möfzi in her better days, but remain more on the small side like their dad, Jolly Roger who was a small an rather delicate meerkat. But speaking of weight, I bet that Sayuri is the heaviest kat of the three.

As it was veery hot today I was wearing open shoes. Snoutie was obviously very attracted to my toes and scratching and pawing at them constantly as soon as my feet came into reach. Meerkat claws are not sharp like cat claws, but being pawed and clawed by a meerkat is not that nice either. In particular if the clawing is insistant ;-)

When I arrived, Möfzi was already napping in the sun. She is getting really old and stiff now and I also think that she goes hungry a lot of the time, as she has difficulties chewing stuff. I brought some cut up tomatoes and made sure that she received most of them.

The youngsters were playing a lot, chasing each other or hipslamming and pressing against each other. I captured some particularly nice scenes between Sayuri and Snoutie, but unfortunately the glass pane was very dirty.

One particularly funny scene remains uncaptured, though. During this interaction Snouties nose was pressed up against pane and with his mouth half open he looked simply ridiculous.

Currently I am really considering to buy a video cam, as some of the interaction is much more fun to watch on a video than on a pic.

Here comes the press gang, left Snoutie, right Sayuri.