Current state of the mob

During our last visits the kats were pretty relaxed.

Since Jolly Roger died and Swingkat disappeared, the mob is no longer a real group, though.

Möfzi is mostly with her children or on her own. But different from the time shortly after their release in early April, she is stronger and interested in everything around her. She is as loud as ever before and will hipslam and growl, just like in the old times.

Some weeks ago she got an injection into her bad leg and this seems to have worked very well. I presume that she received either some anti-inflammatory treatment or some kind of painkiller, maybe both.

She is running again, even though she will prefer some sort of fast trot, which looks pretty cute. She looks like an old lady trying to catch the bus, but running is simply bad style!

Orlok and Stubby Tail still look like some sort of gay couple.
They will sit together most of the time, getting on each other`s nerves.
Stubby Tail`s teeth are in very bad condition, they canines in the lower jaw are molten to little stubs. We hope that he will not be the next in line with a history of infections and operations.

Flat Ears is by himself most of the time, often seen on guard duty and not interested in Möfzi at all. During our last visit we saw him and Orlok sitting together, grooming each other. This has become a very rare sight since Jolly Roger died and Stubby Tail and Orlok are together as some sort of parody of a dominant couple.

The three youngsters are in very good condition.
They are not fully grown yet, but you can see their bodies losing the juvenile features.

Caruso and Snoutie both like to bite. Caruso will take any occasion whereas Snoutie needs some more provocation ;-)

Snoutie is doing a lot of guard duty and he will often hang out with the guys. Stubby Tail and Orlok are not the best role models, though.

Sayuri is a little darling and has become very wild. She will try anything, even if it hurts her.

Last time she hit her chin several times in a row on the edge of the enclosure, while she was trying to stand up and lost her balance.

Once it must have hurt really bad, because she shook her head, trying to get rid of the pain. It really gives us the creeps, when she hits the edge with an audible and loud WHACK.

During our last visit we decided to change to the opposite side of the enclosure, as there is more soft sand close to the edge.

The kats had been digging there and the youngsters were digging and playing.

One of them would start digging and the next one would try to squeeze into the hole, only to return again after some seconds. This popping in and out of the hole lasted for some time, until it ended in play.

Sayuri was the last to go to sleep and kept popping in and out of the hole several times. She is so cute, when she looks up over her shoulder instead of sitting up, like the other kats would do. And she looks more and more like a twin to Möfzi, minus the tail.

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