the last photos of Jolly Roger
Anarchy rules the mob

In these photos from November 29 Jolly Roger is still a healthy and satisfied meerkat.

about one week later the "palace revolution", the cause of which is still unknown and will probably remain so, took place, and two weeks later Jolly Roger was dead.

He was still healthy on the morning of the day when he was later found dead according to the keeper who later found him. In our opinion it would be too much of a coincidence to assume that his death had any other cause than one that is related with the breakdown of the social order in the group. He had been constantly harrassed and driven away for two weeks.

Stubbytail, who used to be a rather passive personality, has established himself as a "Tyrant without a cause", who is showing all signs of extreme dominance but doesn't seem to understand the purpose of being the dominant male (gaining access to the dominant female, and there is no other option for that than Möfzi).

Possibly these problems go back to the fact that the males introduced to the group in Autumn 2002, of which Stubbytail is one, were not properly socialized as pups, being kept apart too long from the company of adult meerkats.

Flat Ears, who was one of only two males who showed clear interest in mating with Möfzi (the other was Jolly Roger) had suffered from Jolly Rogers dominance for years, but until now is showing no clear interest in taking his place. He is not openly aggressive towards Möfzi but does not show any signs of trying to take Jolly Roger's place as breeding partner.

Jolly Roger was not quite six and a half years old at the time of his death. His birth must have been around August 2002. His period as dominant male lasted from summer 2004 until early December 2008. He leaves behind his three children with Möfzi: Sayuri, Snoutie and Caruso.

The current state of the mob is one of anarchy. Yesterday we witnessed a vicious attack by Stubbytail on Möfzi. However during feeding, Möfzi still manages to show her dominance, displacing all competition for access to the best treats. But she doesn't seem to be willing to fight back against the attacks.


R. I. P. Jolly Roger, King of Hearts

I have very bad news for you. The kats' keeper informed us that Jolly Roger died a couple of days ago. They have an autopsy performed on him, as they do not know what caused his death.

In the morning he was still alive and well and had also been fed and seen eating, but in the afternoon he was found dead in the enclosure.

About two weeks ago I wrote about the trouble at our "Royal Court" with Jolly Roger and Möfzi being chased away by Stubby Tail and Orlok.

As I had tons of work these last two weeks with everybody doing their Christimas shopping @ my-meerkat and thus no time to visit, I do not know, what had happened in the meantime.

But throughout the week I had a very bad feeling that something might have happened and I spent a lot of time thinking about the kats.

Möfzi still looks pretty disturbed and depressed, and she also has some minor health issue, her tail has some bald patches which have lost their skin, but she is treated currently.

Stubby Tail in particular is still chasing her from time to time, but during the second feeding turn, Möfzi sat right in the middle of the feeding bowl and growling at everybody who tried to snatch food away from her.

It does not look like Stubby Tail is interested in Möfzi, though, but he shows all kinds of dominance display without any real plan behind it. I guess, it won`t be long, until she is back in charge. Flat Ears might turn out to be her next partner, but who knows.

R. I. P. sweet little King, you will always have a place in our hearts!

left: Jolly Roger, right: Möfzi, Summer 2007

left back: Swingkat, right front: Jolly Roger, March 2006


My-meerkat goes America!
My-meerkat goes Kalahari!

Thanks to Nevine & Robin for introducing the Mundenhof Kats to the new world!

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Queen and King in trouble...

Today I visited the kats after taking pictures of two new bags.

The weather had been very nasty throughout last week, storm, rain, cold...

I watched the kats for a rather short time, as it was already starting to get cold and damp again. They were under the big heat lamp outside having their dinner. I realized that Möfzi and Jolly Roger were missing and saw one lonely kat running around in the distance.

After some time I saw that Möfzi was mobbed by Stubby Tail and Orlok. At first I thought it was play behaviour, as the three juveniles were playing happily. But then I saw Möfzi retreat under one of the lookout hills looking tired and very unsettled. She did not come when I called her.

I crossed to the opposite side of the enclosure to have a look inside, but there was no one around. Möfzi suddenly appeared again and I called her. After some hesitation she came up to me, rubbing her nose against my hand. Then she retreated into the inside enclosure alone and unhappy. When Stubby Tail and Orlok came inside, she jumped up and ran outside, with both of them chasing her.

Later on I saw her under the big heat lamp again sitting together with Swingkat. After some squabbling he suddenly hugged her and groomed her. But as soon as she got down from the stone, Stubby Tail would chase her again below ground. I could hear him making spit calls.

Jolly Roger was a very sorry sight today. He looked even shrunk. He ran around the utmost parts of the enclosure, avoiding the big lamp and stone. As soon as Stubby Tail and Orlok would see him, he was chased away. He even ran from little Snoutie and Swingkat.

I had to leave then as it was getting dark, damp and cold and I did not bring my bicycle lamps. I wonder what happened?

As I will be on the Mundenhof Christmas Market this weekend, I will take the chance to visit the kats before the sales will start.

Poor little Möfzi and even poorer Jolly Roger, I hope that they will sleep together at least.