Another bad news: Swingkat has been missing for 4 days now!

Yesterday I already found Swingkat was missing from the mob.

Today I talked to one of the keepers and he told me that he has been missing for 4 days now.
He also reported cases of vandalism in the animal park.

So maybe one of our worst nightmares has become true: someone may have kidnapped Swingkat.

And I am afraid, we will never see him again, as whowever did this will certainly do no good to this kat.

This is one of the worst days since Jolly Roger`s death before Christmas. It is even worse, for we do not know what happened to him.

If anybody out there has seen or heard something, stumbled upon suspicious videos or pics, please contact me!

Swingkat is a male meerkat, 6,5 years old, all teeth missing in lower jaw, he has a shaved patch close to his right front leg, where the fur has not grown back completely yet. He is rather small and delicate with dark fur and a very round face with "pup-like" feature. Swingkat pics can be found in the October postings.

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