.. summer`s over...

Today was a very bright and sunny day with lots of sun and mild temperatures in the afternoon.

We visited the 'kats shortly after they had been fed and the pups were still eating or dragging remains of their chickens around.

The adults still present them food, even though you can clearly see their mixed emotions.

"Oh, there`s a pup. I`ll bring it this lovely piece of fruit... hm, on second thoughts, I would rather eat this myself... NO, IT IS A PUP, I MUST NOT EAT ITS FOOD... hm, but this piece of fruit looks so delicious..."

It is really funny to watch an adult crane his or her neck watching the pup eat, coming closer to the pup (which will defend its food) and then keeping distance, trying to look indifferent.

Little Sayuri is making progress, too.
She is sitting and standing up more and more often and today we watched her even stand up on her hind legs and try to look up, like the others do. She managed to keep her balance for a split second, falling back onto her front legs.

She will no longer fall on her back, though, if she sits or stands up.
If she only had a longer tail, things might be a lot easier for her. As it is, her tail is not long enough to touch the ground, when she stands up...even Uncle Stubbytail has got a much longer tail! It is only about one third of the "normal" tail length.

The other two pups are in very good condition, too and all three of them have grown.
They are now about 9 weeks old and slowly turning into juveniles.

Möfzi weaned them about one week ago and they now eat solid food only.

These two pictures show Sayuri biting into one of her littermates and Sayuri at play with her little brother or sister (we still can`t distinguish the two other pups).

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