Oops, she did it again... and again... and again

Today we watched little Sayuri sit up successfully for the first time!

The first time was about 2 seconds, but later in the early evening she sat up and kept her balance for about 10 seconds! After this, she put down her front paws and walked away, as if nothing spectacular had happend.

We also saw her wrestle with one of her littermates, a thing she was not able to do a couple of days ago.

And we made first contact with her too today. She is still easily scared by movement or sounds, and will jump or run away, but our fingers were interesting enough to explore.

W played with her littermates putting our fingers under the glass panels of the enclosure and moving them from side to side or pulling them away and putting them back in in a different place. The pups were really excited and literaly jumped at our fingers.

And they are so incredibly noisy! Their "breehbreehbrrpbrrp"-sounds often get very loud as soon as an adult comes close.

Christian suggested that the adults feed the babies, because the noise of the pups' begging calls makes their ears ring and they want it to stop. Sounds like a reasonable suggestion ;-)

Here is a video of the noisy little kats, make sure your loudspeakers are switched on!

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cacuoc88vn said...

These are such incredible creatures. Mother nature never fails to fascinate. Keep posting, your followers are looking forward to them.