Meerkat pups discover an interesting toy

Yesterday our pups discovered an interesting "something", which had dropped from the skies ;-)

Little Sayuri is turning into a cheeky little meer-person. We visited around feeding time and the meerkats got a big tray full of fruit.

Sayuri was first and last on the tray. She defended "her tray" against everyone, even the adults. Since the pups are eating solid food only, she has grown, even though she is still smaller than her littermates.

Before we went home, I slipped a bright orange velcro-tape under the glass panel. The pups loved it! They tried to catch it and ran after it. When I held it above their heads, they bit into it, too. They are much less shy than the adult males at the same age.

Some days ago I watched the two larger pups bouncing on their hindlegs like little kangaroos. They had abviously forgotten that they are supposed to be meerkats! All this playfighting and wrestling is so much fun to watch.

Here are the proud parents and one of their pups (left: Dad Jolly Roger, right: Mom Möfzi)

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