Getting close and personal Part I I - Jolly Roger, dominant male

Jolly Roger is a small and very cheeky meerkat.

When Möfzi became "interesting" for the males, he and Plattohr (flat ear) were rivals.

Even though he is smaller than his rival, Jolly Roger would beat him up regularly and chase him away. Plattohr could be seen literally crawling on his belly towards Möfzi, if Jolly Roger looked away. As soon as Jolly Roger realized these advances, he would chase Plattohr away again.

This would sometimes end in bloody wounds and a very badly chewed backside of Plattohr`s neck.

Their feud is carried on until today. Plattohr was also chased away, when the pups were still very small and underground most of the time.

Jolly Roger is a tough guy, but he is also very sweet and gentle with Möfzi, grooming her cheeks and playing with her.

This is Jolly Roger:

- he is now 6 years old
- he is small
- he has light grey fur
- a long, straight tail
- he can jump very high and will make running jumps
- is voice is rather deep, he will make a very demanding "brrp" sound, if something is of interest (see video)
- he loves Möfzi, but like all no longer newly-weds, they will fight over minor issues and chase each other away ;-)

He is the one trying to get my bracelet in the beginning of this video, the other kat is "stubby tail" (Stummelschwänzchen his most distinctive feature is the missing black tip of his tail ):

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