Things can only get better...

Today in the early evening I briefly visited the kats.

Things have improved regarding the bite wounds and swellings. Caruso`s eyes are almost back to normal, her left eye still looks a bit sore, her right eye is OK. The fur on her head is still a little patchy in some places, but it will re-grow.

Sayuri`s jaw looks better, the swelling has receded, but the right side of her face looks still a bit mangy.

Möfzi is weak, but she looked better with her fur groomed and it looked like she had put on a little weight.

With none of the males being interested in Sayuri yet, the question of the future dominant couple is still open.

Shortly before I left I watched a cute playfight between Sayuri and Snoutie with lots of little squeaky "I-love-you"-sounds being passed between them.

Here are some quick shots I took with my own new camera (yeah!).

Left to right: Mr-Well-Groomed Snoutie, little ruffian Sayuri, sweet Caruso.

Here is a sequence of pics from the playfight between Sayuri and Snoutie. Looks like a lot of fun ;-)

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