Meerkats in Love???

Things seem to have settled down a little bit in the mob.

The youngsters are mainly together with Orlok and Stubby Tail, while Flat Ears will mostly sit apart from the group performing guard duty.

Möfzi looked better, even though she still has this patch of matted fur sticking out from her side. She is not as skinny as at the beginning of August and is still able to move pretty fast, if she needs to.

What I watched yesterday was that Sayuri is no longer sidling up to Orlok, but will be apart doing her own things.

I watched a short but tender grooming session between Caruso and Orlok!
There was a lot of squeaking going on between the two of them, but I do not know, if both were squeaking, or only one of them.

Some moments later Stubby Tail interrupted the session with a display of jealousy!
He acted in a very aggressive way towards Orlok with chattering and chin-rubbing. He also attacked some of the plants, biting into them and shaking them...

So whatever the relationship between Orlok and Stubby Tail may be, now it looks like Orlok has found a new object of desire...

It is still too early to tell and I only had this short impression, but I will certainly be on the lookout for any further signs of "Meekat Love" going on in the mob.

JAWS!! featuring Sayuri

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Lil_Earthwoman said...

Awesome!!!! And don´t worry about Orlok and Stubbytail, it seems to be natural even in the wildlife since Houdini once tried to mate with Zaphod ;-)
I´m glad Möfzi is much better now and keep her in my prayers.