Mob Watch

We visited today and last week on Saturday, I paid an additional visit on Thursday.

The mob is still without a dominant couple with Stubby Tail still showing his dominance display and Orlok following him around.

On Thursday I watched Möfzi sitting by herself under the big heat lamp for most of the time.

She looked very sad and depressed. On the video I made, we detected that there is something wrong with her right front paw. She will hold it in a strange manner and it looks somehow bent in the wrong direction. When she sits, she will sometimes "fold" her paw in a curious way.

I informed the keepers by email, as it was not obvious if this was a fresh wound or an older injury. Today they informed me that they caught Möfzi and had a look at her paw.

It looks like the paw was broken above the joint, but it must have happened some time ago. There is not much they can do, and as long as it is not getting worse, she will not see the vet. She does not really limp, and she also has some strength left in this paw.

No one knows, how this happened, but it adds to the all the emotional and physical stress she has had in these last two months.

She will also most likely lose the tip of her tail. Her tail has lost all of its fur on the last third and the last vertebra is already protruding. The skin of rest of her tail still appears intact, so hopefully she will only lose the tip.

Shortly before we left today, Snoutie came up to groom her and she also reciprocated. Sayuri can also be seen snuggling up to Möfzi.

After about 30 seconds of grooming, they were interrupted by Stubby Tail who pounced on Möfzi.

He will often attack her and bite into her neck, or stand in front of her with his mouth open, ready to pounce. She will then retreat into a little crevice under the big lookout hill waiting for Stubby Tail to retreat.

The rest of the mob is mostly indifferent, with Swingkat and Flat Ears showing occasional interest in sitting next to her.

Sometimes, when the youngsters engage into play and some ot the adults will follow, the playful mood will change into a fight with aggression towards Möfzi. Mostly she will also growl and snarl, but she does not defend herself as a dominant should.

On Thursday she would crawl away, as soon as more than 2 other kats came close, even if it were only the youngsters.

Today she looked a little better and was also seen lying under the big lamp together with the mob. She is never seen right in the middle, though, but alway close to the edge and apart from the youngsters, no other kat came up to cuddle her.

One really sweet scene was Snoutie sitting in front of Möfzi and turning his head to press his little nose against hers. He also leaned on her while sitting up. Snoutie can be seen sitting close to her very often, doing guard duty.

The three youngsters are well and thriving, little Sayuri looks like a minature version of Möfzi. Caruso is looking more and more like Swingkat, only her fur has a lighter shade.

Here are some pictures taken on our visit last week, with the kats sitting and playing in the food bowl.

Excuse me, is this the meerkat jacuzzi??

Waiter!! Hello?! Waiter!??

Möfzi and Snoutie

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