Healthy Swingkat & Sayuri; current state of the mob

Today we visited again and enjoyed seeing the mob have a rather messy meal.

Swingkat is fully recovered and missing half of his teeth in his lower jaw does not seem to cause him too much disadvantage. He had a close call with an infected tooth, when the infection spread to the jawbone.

Sayuri continues to do nicely, today it was quite cold and she has a bit trouble coordinating her movements when she is also shivering at the same time but she still got everywhere she wanted to go.

We are now also occasionally seeing Caruso and Sayuri doing guard duty - sitting on the highest hill and singing the "watchman's song", a typical series of peeping sounds.

The grooming state of the mob members was better today, until after the feeding frenzy when everyone looked quite disorderly.

We saw several interactions where Möfzi did not back down from Stubbytail, however another frequent visitor of the meerkat enclosure informed us that there was again a mobbing today.

But during the time we were there, things seemed a little more peaceful.

Swingkat sticks out his tongue at us after a messy meal.

Left: Sayuri snuggles up to Swingkat.
Right: Stubbytail seeing off an unidentified threat, probably a dog on the other side of the enclosure.

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