R. I. P. Jolly Roger, King of Hearts

I have very bad news for you. The kats' keeper informed us that Jolly Roger died a couple of days ago. They have an autopsy performed on him, as they do not know what caused his death.

In the morning he was still alive and well and had also been fed and seen eating, but in the afternoon he was found dead in the enclosure.

About two weeks ago I wrote about the trouble at our "Royal Court" with Jolly Roger and Möfzi being chased away by Stubby Tail and Orlok.

As I had tons of work these last two weeks with everybody doing their Christimas shopping @ my-meerkat and thus no time to visit, I do not know, what had happened in the meantime.

But throughout the week I had a very bad feeling that something might have happened and I spent a lot of time thinking about the kats.

Möfzi still looks pretty disturbed and depressed, and she also has some minor health issue, her tail has some bald patches which have lost their skin, but she is treated currently.

Stubby Tail in particular is still chasing her from time to time, but during the second feeding turn, Möfzi sat right in the middle of the feeding bowl and growling at everybody who tried to snatch food away from her.

It does not look like Stubby Tail is interested in Möfzi, though, but he shows all kinds of dominance display without any real plan behind it. I guess, it won`t be long, until she is back in charge. Flat Ears might turn out to be her next partner, but who knows.

R. I. P. sweet little King, you will always have a place in our hearts!

left: Jolly Roger, right: Möfzi, Summer 2007

left back: Swingkat, right front: Jolly Roger, March 2006


Lil_Earthwoman said...

This is a great shock!!!!!
My heart goes out to you and to dearest little Jolly Roger!
I miss him so much, this is really so very sad, because he hasn´t got much love his last days.
I´m crying my eyes red about the tragic loss, he was so dear and sweet. Though, now he has found his peace, and Flower was awaiting him!
I always will love him and he always will have a place in my heart and my thoughts.

Goodbye, little Jolly Roger, it´s not for ever.

Pronker said...

Yo Doro

I am so very sorry to hear that Jolly Roger is gone. I know how much it hurts to loose one so suddenly and wonder.

May he find a warm burrow with lots of happy kats across the Rainbos Bridge.

Rest in peace little Jolly Roger.

Take care Doro,