Queen and King in trouble...

Today I visited the kats after taking pictures of two new bags.

The weather had been very nasty throughout last week, storm, rain, cold...

I watched the kats for a rather short time, as it was already starting to get cold and damp again. They were under the big heat lamp outside having their dinner. I realized that Möfzi and Jolly Roger were missing and saw one lonely kat running around in the distance.

After some time I saw that Möfzi was mobbed by Stubby Tail and Orlok. At first I thought it was play behaviour, as the three juveniles were playing happily. But then I saw Möfzi retreat under one of the lookout hills looking tired and very unsettled. She did not come when I called her.

I crossed to the opposite side of the enclosure to have a look inside, but there was no one around. Möfzi suddenly appeared again and I called her. After some hesitation she came up to me, rubbing her nose against my hand. Then she retreated into the inside enclosure alone and unhappy. When Stubby Tail and Orlok came inside, she jumped up and ran outside, with both of them chasing her.

Later on I saw her under the big heat lamp again sitting together with Swingkat. After some squabbling he suddenly hugged her and groomed her. But as soon as she got down from the stone, Stubby Tail would chase her again below ground. I could hear him making spit calls.

Jolly Roger was a very sorry sight today. He looked even shrunk. He ran around the utmost parts of the enclosure, avoiding the big lamp and stone. As soon as Stubby Tail and Orlok would see him, he was chased away. He even ran from little Snoutie and Swingkat.

I had to leave then as it was getting dark, damp and cold and I did not bring my bicycle lamps. I wonder what happened?

As I will be on the Mundenhof Christmas Market this weekend, I will take the chance to visit the kats before the sales will start.

Poor little Möfzi and even poorer Jolly Roger, I hope that they will sleep together at least.

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