Swingkat has made it, kats will probably be out again tomorrow

We paid a brief visit to the kats yesterday.

They are still inside, but Swingkat is almost OK again.
He will have to see the vet tomorrow for a final examination.
They had also taken a feces sample, but the result is not in yet.

The kats were very frantic yesterday, as the sun came out and they could not get outside. They were running around, scratching and sniffing every crevice.

Sayuri in particular was very mad, she ran in circles on the stone under the heat lamp and bumped into the window several times.

I hope they will be let out tomorrow, they have been inside for nearly one week now. There was also some aggression between Orlok and Möfzi who backed down.

She looked a bit thin to me and is holding her injured paw at a strange angle. But she made eye-contact with us yesterday and you could see that she would have loved to come outside and see, if we brought a little something for her.

The weather forecast for the next days is not very favourable, so I guess it will be some days before I can visit again.

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