Spring has sprung and Sayuri takes a fall

Yesterday we had a very warm and sunny day with around 20 ° C. We walked out to visit the kats.

With such wonderfully warm weather the animal park was packed with visitors and the kats received some treats from visitors of the enclosure.

I am very worried about the youngsters' dental health. They like sweets and all kinds of junk food being thrown inside, just as they learned from the adults.

The problem are not so much children, but rather adults throwing in all kinds of stuff and they are supposed to know better.

Some of them would not feed junk to their pets at home, but they give it to the kats. Shortly before feeding time the kats will beg insistently, if there is someone eating close to their enclosure.

So, this is the downside of those longer and warmer days, particularly on weekends.

But despite this illicit feeding and begging, the kats were pretty much happy yesterday.

We are not sure yet, but Flat-Ears is showing SOME interest in Möfzi. She is quite well, but has lost some weight. Her tail is still bald on the upside, but the bald patches are receding somewhat. I wonder what will happen to her tailtip, as the bone (I guess it`s the bone) is still sticking out.

There is no more mobbing, hissing and biting, Möfzi looked a little bit more groomed than at the last visits. She even had a short grooming session with Flat-Ears, which soon enough ended with Flat-Ears rubbing his chin on Möfzi which she didn`t like and told him by chattering at him loudly.

The youngsters were very alert as there is a population of storks nearby, which will often circle above the enclosure in spring.

Caruso and Sayuri had a very close look at one of the storks flying over.

Sayuri was swaying and staggering a lot yesterday, probably due to lack of exercise in the last months. She and Caurso were sitting on a tree trunk looking up with Sayuri losing balance and toppling over twice.

Lateron though Sayuri was on sentry duty on the big lookout hill sitting up porperly and looking around.

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