After almost 4 weeks in the interior enclosure the kats are out and about again!

The best news for today is that Swingkat has obviously made it! Apart from a shaved patch close to his right front leg, he looks completely the same as ever before.

I was so happy, when he was the first to greet me from behind the hedge with his characteristic grunting noises. He came up happily to get his treats while dangling from my hand.

Möfzi looked a bit depressed, but her mood brightened up in the course of time and after she received some small treats, too. She has lost the ultimate tip of her tail and her walk has become slightly strange due to her bent front paw.

The youngsters were having a great time, digging and playing and they have grown!

So this is the news for today in short version.
Here comes the latest video featuring Swingkat!

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