Busy weeks...

These weeks are extremely busy for both of us...

I am preparing my first Christmas-Market which will be on December 13th and 14th. I am sewing up a storm...

There must be more meerkats in our home currently than at the Kalahari Meerkat Project ;-) and the dust bunnies are crawling all over the place!
Before I started sewing full-time, I never realized that it is such a dusty business.

The weather has turned as well. It`s winter now and yesterday we had our first snow for this season, but it`s already gone again today. Only the mountains are still covered in white. This is quite exceptional, as the last two winters were very mild and we had only very few snow, even in the mountains.

We visited the kats on Sunday and this time we walked out instead of taking the bikes. I prefer walking in the cold, because I get very cold cycling longer distances.

And with watching the kats for a long time in the cold wind, it is much less confortable to cycle with hands and feet gone numb with cold than to walk and get your blood circulation going in no time.

The three juveniles were snuggled together midway on the big lookout hill under the big heat lamp. We watched Sayuri sit up for a looooong time whithout falling over! She is starting to look more and more like Möfzi, except that she will certainly not grow as tall.

The adults are all very well fed at the moment, Swingkat has recovered, too. A couple of weeks ago it looked like he had lost weight, but now he looks almost the same as before his operation.

The kats have a cat scrátching post in their inside enclosure and it features a hammock. This hammock is slightly damaged due to overuse by the adults, but Sayuri and Caruso enjoyed playing tag and bouncing around and in and out of the hammock.

I am thinking about getting one of these for the kats for christmas, but I am still waiting for a positive answer from the kats` keeper.

We watched Sayuri and Caruso playing indoors for quite a while. Sayuri is getting better at the wrestling matches, too. She will not fall down at once, but can muster the strength to fight back.

Soon now she will also succeed in jumping onto the ledge leading to the heat lamp in the inside enlcosure.

It is already getting more and more difficult to tell Caruso and Swingkat apart from far away. Caruso will soon be as big as he is.

And the difference in length between Snoutie and Jolly Roger is also getting smaller.

Jolly Roger and Fat-Ears are still continuing their feud: if Flat-Ears is inside under the heat lamp, Jolly Roger will chase him out and if he is outside under the big heat lamp, he will chase him away, too.

So Flat-Ears has to sit under the small lamp by himself feeling sorry...

Due to the good and rich food in the last months, Möfzi has gained a lot of weight.
Her fur size is certainly rather double XL than L/XL at the moment... but it`s OK, they need the extra weight in winter, as they sleep outside and stay outside most of the day.

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