Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana... and meerkats like a banana, too

I returned from the meerkats about an hour ago.

Swingkat is much better and returning to his old self. I talked to his keeper and he told me that Swingkat gained 200 gr. weight in these last 10 days since his treatment started.

The wounds have healed and he is adapting to his new condition with less teeth.

About half an hour after I came, the kats got one big tray of fresh cheese mixed with bananas and they were literally wollowing in their food ;-)

They all had dirty paws and some hade cheese in their fur and on their noses. I made some pics of the kats wolfing down and of some really dirty faces.

I also took many pictures of Sayuri sitting up. She can do it now for almost any length of time without swaying or falling down.

When I came, I called her name and went to the spot where we would normally stand, when we vist the kats. And - it certainly was mere chance - she came running, her little stub tail raised in the air.

I`m trying to teach her to respond to her name. With Möfzi it will sometimes work. When you call her she`ll come, but sometimes she won`t. It`s like with cats, you call 4500 cats and maybe ONE cat will come... perhaps...

The keeper also told me that all of the adults suffer from sinus problems, and all of them on the right side of their noses. They do not know, where this comes from.

Stubbytail is on antibiotics, as he is affected worst of all. If these will not help, they will have to open the sinus and clean it out. It might also be an abscess.

Flat-Ears and Swingkat are treated as well for this sinus infection. The others are not affected as much.

Swingkat is still fragile, he started shivering, as the sun went down, but did not want to get inside. Only when Möfzi and some of the others retreated, he also went inside.

But the worst is over for him and he`s definitely on the mend.

Sayuri sitting up in the sun and Sayuri looking at the camera. Both pics are not brilliant as I had to fight with the camera ;-)

The kats wolfing down and Swingkat with banana-cheese facial and paw treatment...

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Lil_Earthwoman said...

Breath taking photos, and so precious with Sayuri standing tall!
She is a beautiful little queen, so sweet that she comes to you when you call her name.
And Swingkat, he is da bomb and could not look cuter with all the cheese cover, LOL.
Absolutely Awww-factor!!!!!
I´m worried about the sinus problems. Any ideas where this could come from?