Swingkat Update - Bad News

I just received a mail from one of the keepers regarding Swingkat`s health.

Swingkat broke one of his lower right canines and the broken tooth became infected. This infection had spread to his lower right jaw also afflicting the bone.

His teeth on the lower right side had to be removed completely and he is now on antibiotics which will last for ten days. The vet will see him again next week.

He is fed with soft food and after he will be healed (hopefully) he will only be able to cut his mice on the left side of his jaw.

So Swingkat will have to be monitored closely as he will then need a lot of time for eating.

Another thing is that two adults have to be treated as well because of sinus infection. We already noticed that Flat-Ears (Plattohr) and Stubbytail (Stummelschwänzchen) had weeping sores on their noses but did not connect this with sinus infection.

Please keep your fingers crossed that Swingkat will soon be able to eat and be his old self again! He is such a sweet little darling and my favourite kat.

I`m really devastated right now and can only write this post with the help of a glass of strong red wine to keep me from weeping.

Under these circumstances I will absolutely visit again tomorrow, rain or shine.


Lil_Earthwoman said...

Oh No!
I almost got a heart attack from the pics and I´m crying my eyes red. The holes above his hips..., what a nightmare.
I send lots of prayers & cuddles to sweetest Swingkat ...and to you!
May he have the strength to recover soon, now he really needs a good spirit to watch on him and on his little family.
Long hug,

Chocolatine said...

My thoughts and prayers are with little Swingcat, keep your chin up best you can. Thank you for providing me with some meerkats from the other side of the world. Tammy