Swingkat reports back to duty. Caruso is a girl

These photos show Swingkat taking over guard duty again.

He declined any attempts by the young ones to initiate playfighting, obviously he still felt too weak to exert energy on mere play. He would just move away and sun himself in a different spot.

But he did climb up on the highest lookout hill and held guard duty alone or together with Stubbytail (Stummelschwänzchen).

He still tires quickly and will curl up tightly in a ball to conserve warmth and lock out all the noisy and boisterous activity of the juveniles. But he definitely seems well on the road to recovery. We will hope the best for the next weeks; it seems that now the crisis is past, the natural resilience of the meerkat species is revealing itself again.

The playfight pic shows Caruso, Snoutie and Orlok. Orlok loves playing with the young ones. he was always fond of biting into other meerkats, and it was like a gift from the gods for him to suddenly have these new friends who would never tire of playfighting :)

We are almost 100% sure now that Caruso is a girl. Probably we will keep the name however. There are examples of other meerkats who have gender-inverted names :)
The last of the three young ones (who is actually the biggest) is going by the name of Rüsselchen (Snoutie) because he has a bit of a funny nose. This is probably only a temporary "baby name" until we get to know him better :)

All photos were taken on October 19, 2008

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Lil_Earthwoman said...

Dear Doro and dear Christian,
great relieve to hear about the wonderful news from dearest Swingkat.
THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your outstanding and daily care, in any case this also has led to his recovery in addition to the great care of his excellent keeper.
I love so much seeing him on sentry duty close to Stubbytail, what wonderful and lovely boys they are!
And the threesome are growing so fastly into big healthy beauties. Thought it was yesterday having seen them as little babies, oh my, I will never forget the very first live-encounter with real meerkat PUPS :-)
Oh please, keep up with Snoutie´s - Rüsselchen´s name, this sounds too adorable!!!! And how is the little "run-over frog looking" beauty??? LOL
Many hugs and good vibrations to all kats and their human family!