Mundenhof Mob, a short introduction

The meerkat enclosure at the Mundenhof was opened in 1999.

The group as we know it and present it here, has been around since 2002, when 5 baby males were introduced. Before this the group consisted of 4 animals, of which only the dominant female of the current group is present still.

We have been regular visitors for over 6 years now and know each of the kats, their habits, their characters and preferrences.

Each of the meerkats has distinctive marks by which it can be distinguished from the other members, for example tail length, size, colour of fur etc.

The group has recently expanded to 9 members, as three baby-meerkats were born in mid-July.

The Mundenhof group consists of 6 adults (5 males, one female) and their babies.

The dominant female is about 8-9 years old, the males were born in 2002.

Mundenhof animal park is located in Freiburg, close to the Black forest and to the borders of France and Switzerland. Admission is free, there is only a parking fee.

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